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Lawn Disease Care

Lawn Disease Care

Attention to Detail

Restore the health and vitality of your lawn with Zamora Lawn Care & More. Our dedicated team specializes in lawn disease care, providing targeted solutions to combat and prevent common lawn diseases. With our extensive knowledge and effective treatments, we'll help your grass rebound and thrive. Trust Zamora Lawn Care & More to diagnose, treat, and safeguard your lawn against diseases, ensuring a lush and vibrant landscape you can enjoy year-round. Experience expert care that revitalizes your lawn with Zamora Lawn Care & More.

Brown Patch Disease Control

Brown patch, a serious fungal disease that can affect all Texas lawn grasses, can quickly degrade the beauty of your lawn. When temperatures are warm and humid, it develops quickly, especially in the fall and winter. Brown patch disease is most common in warm-season grasses like St. Augustine, Raleigh, Bermuda, and Zoysia. Brown patch is characterized by thinned light brown grass patches that are roughly circular in shape. Large areas of the lawn may be uniformly thinned and eventually killed when disease conditions are favorable. We offer a brown patch disease treatment program with regular applications that will dramatically improve the appearance of your lawn.

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